What is Trapped In Bismarck?

Perfect for parties, corporate events, team building and even date nights, Trapped in Bismarck is the perfect party puzzle destination, making for a unique night out. You and your party will work together, putting your communication and puzzle-solving skills to the ultimate test. Uncover clues, make connections and find the right solution to escape the room. 

$25 per person

Just like a concert, reservations and payment are required ahead of time.

Players under the age of 16 require an adult with them in the room.


Mon: Closed
Tue: Closed
Wed: 6PM-10PM (By Appointment)
Thu: 6PM-10PM (By Appointment)
Fri: 6PM-10PM (By Appointment)
Sat: 1PM-10PM (By Appointment)
Sun: 1:30PM-5PM (By Appointment)

Our Rooms

Mafia Madness
The Family needs your help solving the murder

The family needs you to find out who took out the contract at the Amico Nostro VIP Lounge. The family wants to ensure justice is served their way before the police can find the suspects. Find and gather the evidence and solve the murder in 60 minutes or face the wrath of the family! There is a limit of 6 people in this game. This game is a little less escape room and a bit more murder mystery, but still a hard challenge!

Mafia MadnessThe Family needs your help solving the murder"Hard"

Cell Block T
Escape from Prison

You tried robbing a bank, now you're in jail. You're too young to rot in jail for life! Will you fashion an Escape Plan as good as Sylvester Stallone? Will the guard throw you in the hole or do they take a bribe? Find out when you try to escape Cell Block T! 4 person minimum, 10 max

Cell Block TEscape from Prison"Hard"

Bank Heist
Rob a Bank!

You and your team will be the talk of the criminal underground when you pull off the heist of the century!  Find your way into the bank, get the money, and get out.  It's that easy, or is it?  Six person maximum.

Bank HeistRob a Bank! "Medium"

Lost Toy
For the Kiddies! (Ages 7-12)

Your uncle knows that ever since you were a little kid, you have always needed your favorite toy when you fall asleep. To play a trick on you, your uncle hid it somewhere in your play room.  Now your bed time has passed, and if your parents find you awake when they come home, you'll be grounded. This room is booked as a private event.  When booking, you can have up to 8 players in the room, but one player must be an adult in the room. Socks Required. Each child gets something special to bring home!

Lost ToyFor the Kiddies! (Ages 7-12) "Easy"

Booking FAQ's

Just like a concert, reservations and payment are required ahead of time.

Your booking time is not flexible, we have rooms booked immediately following and cannot delay your start time. Please keep this in mind if making dinner plans before your appointment.

48 Hour cancellation policy: Contact us at least 48 hours before your reservation time for a refund.

We ask that you arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your scheduled time.  We will go over the rules prior to your 60 minute time slot. Expect to be Trapped In Bismarck for around 90 minutes. 

Players under the age of 16 require an adult with them in the room.
We have changed to PRIVATE rooms! Booking a room for 4 or more people will automagically become private.

No food, drinks, smoking, or alcohol allowed in rooms. This is a family friendly environment, if you arrive drunk, you will be asked to leave and no refund will be offered. Please save the celebration for after you escape!

Reservations are required.
Price: $50 for 2 hours in the party room in addition to room rates. Plates, plastic ware, cups, napkins are provided.
Room is available for all ages. Party groups for ages 7-12 are recommended to do "Lost Toy"

  • Lost Toy escape room is $100 for up to 8 players in the room, but one player must be an adult in the room. More than 6 kids- We can do an additional session in the Lost Toy room for $50. (Socks required)
  • Other rooms are booked separately at the standard rates plus $50 for the party room.

Corporate Team Building

Looking for a new and fun way to encourage team building at your workplace? Try a room or two at Trapped in Bismarck and find out how fun team building can be!

Email Us

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Important COVID-19 Update:

Important COVID-19 Update:

Unfortunately, we have some sad news to share. We have made the very difficult decision to close Trapped In Bismarck permanently. We have sincerely enjoyed introducing the escape room industry to Bismarck for the past five years. Seeing people have a good time with family and friends has been a joy to watch. We thank all of you for your amazing support and for so many memories. We want to thank our amazing staff that we could not have been as successful as we were without each of you.